Fun Things To Do With Your DIY Paintings

I’m super excited to use WordPress as the source for My Picqasso’s lifestyle blog. I suppose that statement could be considered one of my smart ideas for your lifestyle. This is my very first blog site, and WordPress seems and feels easy to use–it’s also free! Now onto our artsy side, and tips and tricks for your lifestyle…

Have you wondered what to do with all your DIY paintings, or even what to create as your first painting?  First and foremost, consider creating a piece of art that speaks to your heart. Then, proudly display your finished art on a display easel in your home or office. Move it to your coffee table for a unique and meaningful centerpiece during a special time of year. And if you really want to mix things up, the wooden frame can actually be removed from your art canvas, and styled to hold a special memory of your paint and sip experience! (See Photo Below–Supplies: jute, tape and clothespins). And what do you do with your art canvas when it is separated from its original wooden frame? Well, that is an easy DIY tutorial blog for another day. Your beautiful painting can live a second life as…A Decorative Pillow. Yes, it’s true! I hope you’ll revisit V’s How To’s & Tips For Your Lifestyle for that tutorial, and many other fun how-to’s and tips as well.

In the meantime, are you ready to book your next imagination adventure party with My Picqasso? Click to view our public and private painting options: Creative Adventures

Bonus Tip: Evite has some fabulous options for your private painting party invitations. And remember…”It’s not just art, it’s a lifestyle!” – My Picqasso


~ Vivian Lewis, Owner, My Picqasso 


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